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If you have ever moved to a new house, apartment, or office by yourself, you know how much of a pain it can be. The moving process can be filled with many different emotions. On the one hand, you're probably excited about the new adventure that lies ahead of you. On the other hand, you're probably dreading the heavy lifting, pulling, packing, organizing, and logistical aspects of moving.

At Strong Men Moving, our goal is to remove that dread so you can focus on the fun and productive times ahead. With a team of hardworking, experienced moving professionals on your side, moving to a new home or office is easy, like Sunday morning.

The best part? As local, trusted movers in Myrtle Beach, you won't have to take a loan out from the bank to pay for our moving services. We believe in hard work, friendly attitudes, efficiency, and fair pricing.

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 Local Movers Myrtle Beach, SC
 Professional Movers Myrtle Beach, SC

Convenience is King

Strong Men Moving is a full-service moving company in Myrtle Beach. We run our trucks at 110%, meaning we go above and beyond what other movers in Myrtle Beach are willing to do.

Are you moving from out of state? Is your new house hard to find? Don't have the time or patience to pack and wrap all of your belongings? Don't sweat it - we've got your back. There's no job that's too large or too small for our strong men to handle, and there's no place in the Lowcountry that we won't go for you.

When we say convenience is king, we mean it.  We're talking nights, weekends, and availability 24-hours a day from Monday through Saturday. Our goal is to make your move as stress-free and simple as possible. That way, you have time to focus on enjoying your new home or office, while we worry about hauling your double vanity into the back of our truck.

When you bring in the Strong Men, you can rest assured that you're getting a full-service, friendly experience from the minute we pull into your driveway to the minute we shake your hand goodbye. Unlike some moving companies in Myrtle Beach, punctuality is not our poison. We strive to arrive on time to each job that we are hired to perform.

Here are some of the most popular moving services our customers use:

 Packers And Movers Myrtle Beach, SC

Residential Moving

Along with divorce and the loss of a job, moving is listed as one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through in their lifetime. When you consider the packing, the lifting, the scheduling, and the general disruption that moving can have on your life, it's easy to understand why.

As the premier moving company in Myrtle Beach, our goal is to carry your moving burden, so you can stay focused on your daily life. You can rest easy knowing our movers in Myrtle Beach will always show up to your home with a positive attitude, friendly smile, and motivation to work. We treat your property like it was our own and take great care in handling all the items we move for you.

In addition, we prep our team of movers for many situations and provide thorough training on the fundamentals of moving, packing, risk management, and more.

If you own specialty items such as art, antiques, or other valuables, we will take every precaution necessary to ensure your possessions arrive to your new home safe and sound.

Whether you're moving to a new home down the street or are coming from another state, we have the experience, tools, and professional movers to do the job correctly. We even offer additional residential moving services that include packing, unpacking, overnight storage, and much more.

Call or text us today to discover the full range of our residential moving specialties.

 Moving Services Myrtle Beach, SC

Labor-Only Moving

Do you already have reliable transportation but still need a team of professional movers to handle your heavy lifting? Strong Men Moving now offers labor-only moving services in Myrtle Beach for both residential and commercial moving projects.

A few benefits of labor-only moving include:

  • Reduce damage - our professional movers in Myrtle Beach will make sure your belongings are properly loaded into your truck, reducing the probability of damaged or broken items.
  • Maximize Space - With years of experience in the moving industry, we have a sixth sense for space-efficient packing and loading. Our strong men will make the most out of your truck's usable space, which can help reduce trip time and save money on gas.
  • Quicker Moves - A team of Strong Men Moving will almost always be able to load and unload your belongings faster than a group of your friends. It's nothing personal! With our team of professionals, you can spend less time filling up your truck and more time on getting to your new home or office.
  • Save Money - Using your friends to help you move almost certainly means you will have to compensate them one way or another. Why spend your money on cases of beer and pizza when you can use it for a safer, quicker move?
 Movers Myrtle Beach, SC

Commercial Moving

Myrtle Beach and the surrounding metropolitan area is a hot spot for business. Dozens of companies scout Myrtle Beach each year as a new place to call home, where they can broaden their horizons and find new clients. What some businesses do not take into account is the logistics and headaches involved with moving to a new location.

Strong Men Moving has built a reputation as a leader in commercial moving services in Myrtle Beach. We have the tools, team, and experience necessary to facilitate a smooth move for your business at a reasonable price.

In our experience as a commercial moving company in Myrtle Beach, we have discovered that it can be complicated to move to a new business location. During this transition, we know that you need:

  • Your office furniture, equipment, and supplies packed and secured safely
  • Storage space
  • A detailed, efficient plan of action to ensure an organized move
  • Minimal disruptions to your day-to-day operations

To make sure we meet the requirements above, we will speak with you at length about your upcoming commercial business relocation. That way, we get a better understanding of the logistics involved. We will also provide you with a free quote, so you can plan your budget ahead of time.

At Strong Men Moving, some common commercial moving services include:

  • Pickup and delivery of your office equipment and supplies
  • Loading and unloading office items
  • Packing and unpacking your office supplies
  • Assembly of your office furniture
  • Provide all necessary moving equipment and packing materials

Whether you have to move a few office chairs down the street or need help transitioning to a new location, we are here to serve.

 Long Distance Moving Company Myrtle Beach, SC

Refuse Removal and Disposal

Did you find a bunch of unwanted junk after moving to a new office? Do you have an old, stinky couch taking up room in your basement? Don't sweat it - we will remove the old junk from your home or office quicker than you can say, "trash it!"

With Strong Men Moving's refuse removal services, we can haul away all the heavy, unusable items that your trash service won't pick up.

A few common junk removal items that we can remove for you are:

  • Couches
  • Chairs
  • Bed frames
  • Futons
  • Dressers
  • Mattresses
 Long Distance Moving Services Myrtle Beach, SC

Professional Packing

If you're like most average folks living in the U.S., you probably have hundreds of items lying around your house that need to be packed before you can move to a new home. Packing can be a massive source of frustration, especially for busy families and professionals who don't have the time or patience to pack.

Why risk a sprained back or a throbbing headache when Strong Men Moving can handle all the packing for you? With our professional packing services in Myrtle Beach, you can sit back and sip some sweet tea while we pack your keepsakes, furniture, electronics, clothes, and more. If you have valuable items like family heirlooms or fragile china, we will take extra care to make sure those items stay safe and unbroken during your upcoming move.

Why hire a moving company in Myrtle Beach like Strong Men Moving to help you pack? Here's why most of our clients want us to pack for them:

  • Packing is a tedious, time-consuming chore
  • Professional packing minimizes the risk of injury
  • Professional packing reduces the risk of damaged items
  • Professional packing lets you focus on the more important aspects of moving, like setting up HVAC or internet service

Don't have many items to pack this time around? Ask us about our high-quality packing supplies like boxes, tape, furniture pads, and covers. We're here to help in any way that we can!

Moving Company Myrtle Beach, SC

Cleanout Services

If you have a large-scale cleanout project, we can help with that, too. Our home and commercial cleanout services are great if you need to dispose of a large number of items in a short period of time.

All you have to do is give us a call, and we'll come to your location to remove your unwanted items, taking care not to damage your home or office. Once we have removed your refuse, we'll dispose of it in an environmentally-friendly fashion to help protect the Lowcountry we love so much.

A few common cleanout services in Myrtle Beach include:

  • Estate cleanouts
  • House cleanouts
  • Basement cleanouts
  • Garage cleanouts
  • Foreclosure cleanouts
  • Apartment cleanouts
  • Office cleanouts
  • Commercial space cleanouts
  • Storage space cleanouts

General Labor Services

Are you working on a project that requires a team of strong laborers? Sometimes, hiring your friends just doesn't cut it. When you need a team that arrives on time, works hard, and does so with a smile, Strong Men Moving has got the help you need! As trusted movers in Myrtle Beach, we employ seasoned labor professionals that can assist you with your next indoor or outdoor project. Ready to get started? Call or text us today so that we can get a good understanding of your upcoming project, and how our team can save you time, effort, and money.

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About Strong Men Moving

Established in 2019, Strong Men Moving has quickly become a leading moving company in Myrtle Beach, SC. We have built our reputation on reliability, performance, price, and a positive attitude. We truly feel privileged to serve the residents of South Carolina. Our goal is to provide quality customer service with speed and diligence to all clients. We treat all of our customers the same, whether they hire us for a multi-facility commercial move or just need help loading and unloading a moving truck.

 Local Movers Myrtle Beach, SC

Strong Men Moving offers service in the following communities and beyond:

  • Bluffton
  • Charleston
  • Columbia
  • Daniel Island
  • Folly Beach
  • Greenville
  • Hanahan
  • Hilton Head Island
  • Isle of Palms
  • James Island
  • Johns Island
  • Kiawah Island
  • Ladson
  • Mount Pleasant
  • Myrtle Beach
  • Nexton
  • North Charleston
  • Seabrook Island
  • Sullivan's Island
  • Summerville
  • West Ashley

Do you have questions?

Need a quote on your upcoming residential or commercial move? We are here to help however
possible. You can reach us via phone at 843-830-6305 or by email at [email protected].

We hope to hear from you soon!

Latest News in Myrtle Beach, SC

Company denies allegations brought by family of SC woman impaled by beach umbrella

GARDEN CITY — The maker of an umbrella that impaled a Garden City woman as she walked on the beach last year has denied all allegations of wrongdoing in a civil case brought by the woman’s husband, according to court documents filed this month.East Coast Umbrella Inc. is being sued by Michael Perreault, whose wife ...

GARDEN CITY — The maker of an umbrella that impaled a Garden City woman as she walked on the beach last year has denied all allegations of wrongdoing in a civil case brought by the woman’s husband, according to court documents filed this month.

East Coast Umbrella Inc. is being sued by Michael Perreault, whose wife Tammy died when a wind-blown umbrella struck her chest on Aug. 10, 2022. The case received national media coverage, and authorities ruled Tammy Perreault’s death was an accident.

But Michael Perreault filed a wrongful death lawsuit on Aug. 15, accusing the company of selling a “spear-like” product, according to court records.

In its Oct. 2 response to the lawsuit, the North Carolina-based manufacturer listed 13 possible defenses. The company’s primary contention was that Perreault lacks sufficient evidence to prove the firm’s liability. The company also argued that the incident could be considered “an act of God,” potentially shielding the manufacturer from liability.

In his lawsuit, Perreault alleged the umbrella lacked proper safeguards to keep it anchored in the sand. He said the company provided no warnings about what could happen if the umbrella wasn’t secured.

“As a result of Defendant’s negligence, gross negligence and recklessness, Decedent Tammy Perreault suffered severe bodily injuries including her ultimate death,” the complaint states.

Michael Perreault has accused East Coast Umbrella of creating an umbrella design that was “unreasonably dangerous, inadequate, unsafe, hazardous and defective,” which included its “spear-like” end, according to the lawsuit.

Myrtle Beach News

The widower said he and his wife did not know about the umbrella’s defects as they walked on the beach that day, and he blames those defects for her death.

“Perreault has lost the aid, comfort, companionship, support and society of his wife, Tammy Perreault, and (he) has suffered extreme emotional distress, anxiety, grief, and sorrow, for which he is entitled to recover damages,” according to the lawsuit.

Michael Perreault declined to comment, citing the emotional toll he feels when discussing the case. His attorney, Ian Maguire, also would not discuss the case.

East Coast Umbrella Inc. listed among its defenses that its products are state-of-the-art and meet all industry standards. It argued that the accident could have been caused by someone misusing the umbrella.

Perreault has demanded a jury trial and is seeking damages.

East Coast Umbrella is looking to move the case to federal court, according to an Oct. 11 filing. The company stated that federal court is the proper jurisdiction for the case because the plaintiff is seeking more than $75,000 in damages and lives in South Carolina while the firm is based in North Carolina.

In July, Perreault reached a settlement with Beach Services Ltd., an umbrella rental service, and the company’s owner, according to court documents. The terms of that settlement were not disclosed.

Myrtle Beach News

Since Tammy Perreault’s death, Horry County officials have avoided making any changes to the county’s beach shading rules.

The county only allows umbrellas up to 7 to 9 feet in diameter on the beach from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The county doesn’t allow large tents or wind-driven shading devices.

On April 11, Horry officials rejected requests from popular wind-driven shade companies Shibumi and Solbello, which sell canopies that flutter in the wind like flags, to exempt their products from the umbrellas-only policy. County officials said the shading devices would take up too much space and impede the vision of first responders.

See construction in the Myrtle Beach area? These 4 businesses are coming

Four auto-oriented businesses are opening in the Myrtle Beach area.Last week, The Sun News reported that Mako Express Car Wash is adding two locations in Myrtle Beach and Conway.The Myrtle Beach area is experiencing rapid development. The U.S. Census Bureau estimated that Horry County gained 3...

Four auto-oriented businesses are opening in the Myrtle Beach area.

Last week, The Sun News reported that Mako Express Car Wash is adding two locations in Myrtle Beach and Conway.

The Myrtle Beach area is experiencing rapid development. The U.S. Census Bureau estimated that Horry County gained 32,000 residents between April 2020 and July 2022. Myrtle Beach was named the fastest growing place in America for the third year in a row.

The companies could not be reached for comment on expected opening dates.

Take 5 Oil Change will move into a lot on the corner of U.S. Highway 17 Bypass and Palmetto Pointe Boulevard, according to Horry County land records. This site was recently vacated by used car dealer Competition Cars, which moved to 541 Piedmont Ave. in Myrtle Beach.

Take 5 Oil Change already has four locations in the area, including Murrells Inlet and Carolina Forest. The Charlotte-based company offers 10-minute drive-through oil changes.

Address: 4806 U.S. Highway 17 Bypass, Myrtle Beach

Refuel Gas Station is coming by the Publix near Market Common, according to real estate brokerage Belk Lucy. The gas station will be located on the northwest corner of Coventry Marketplace, right off of U.S. Highway 17 Bypass.

Address: 1051 Green Teal Drive, Myrtle Beach

Tidal Wave Auto Spa announced it will open a location near the intersection of U.S. Highway 17 Bypass and Dick Pond Road. The car wash takes the place of the recently demolished Rite Aid in the Walmart-anchored complex.

Address: 2701 Dick Pond Road, Surfside Beach

In addition to the Dick Pond Road location, Tidal Waves Auto Spa is set to open by the Walmart across from the U.S. Highway 17 Tanger Outlets. These two new car washes join a Conway location.

Address: 10830 Kings Road, Myrtle Beach

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Today's Forecast for Myrtle Beach, SC62°Chance of Rain0%64°Chance of Rain0%55°Chance of Rain2%61°Chance of Rain1%Next HoursWeather Today in Myrtle Beach, SCHigh / Low--/54°Wind6 mphHumidity86%Dew Point59°Pressure29.62 inUV Inde...

Today's Forecast for Myrtle Beach, SC


Chance of Rain0%


Chance of Rain0%


Chance of Rain2%


Chance of Rain1%Next Hours

Weather Today in Myrtle Beach, SC

High / Low



6 mph



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29.62 in

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10 mi

Moon Phase

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The 5 best Italian restaurants in the Myrtle Beach area for 2023, from Google reviews

From fettuccine alfredo and veal marsala to calamari and cannolis, who can resist a delicious Italian meal?With over 2,000 full-service restaurants in the Myrtle Beach area, there are many eateries on the Grand Strand where you can get your fill.Whether you want to dine near Broadway at the Beach, Coastal Grande Mall or Family Kingdom, there’s an Italian restaurant for you.Here are the ...

From fettuccine alfredo and veal marsala to calamari and cannolis, who can resist a delicious Italian meal?

With over 2,000 full-service restaurants in the Myrtle Beach area, there are many eateries on the Grand Strand where you can get your fill.

Whether you want to dine near Broadway at the Beach, Coastal Grande Mall or Family Kingdom, there’s an Italian restaurant for you.

Here are the highest-rated Italian restaurants in Myrtle Beach, according to Google reviews.

Since 1985, Villa Romana has served Roman-style dishes. Located near Family Kingdom, the restaurant uses family recipes. If you’re lucky, you might be serenaded by the house accordion player.

Plan a date night at Solé Italian Restaurant, an upscale spot near Broadway at the Beach. Google reviewers recommended the fiocchi appetizer – pear-stuffed pasta with a cream sauce. “It was out of this world. The pear and cheeses really went together,” one diner wrote this summer.

For over 15 years, diners have enjoyed from-scratch Italian dishes at Ciao. Some unusual dishes on the menu include the spinach and walnut ravioli – which one reviewer described as “scrumptious” – and the grouper francaise, served over with a lemon-wine sauce over pasta. Each entree comes with fresh bread and a walnut pesto dipping sauce.

Fill your appetite for Italian food all day long at Maggi D’s, near the Coastal Grande Mall. Order a sandwich or classic soup for lunch and check Facebook page for dinner specials. Don’t forget dessert – Google reviewers recommend the cheesecake and cannolis.

Choose between New York-style pizza and Italian favorites at Little Italy. The thin-crust pizzas are cooked in a brick oven. On weeknights, stop by for a happy hour, with discounted appetizers and drinks from 4-7 p.m.

New North Myrtle Beach luxury strip mall with steakhouse to cost $8 million

North Myrtle Beach is getting a new luxury shopping center.Lake View Commons is a luxury strip mall at 900 Highway 17 South in North Myrtle Beach.The 14,000-square-foot building will feature a steakhouse named 900 Prime, a high-end clothing shop, a Riccobene Associates Fami...

North Myrtle Beach is getting a new luxury shopping center.

Lake View Commons is a luxury strip mall at 900 Highway 17 South in North Myrtle Beach.

The 14,000-square-foot building will feature a steakhouse named 900 Prime, a high-end clothing shop, a Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry and other stores.

One space at Lake View is still available, according to the strip mall’s Facebook.

Michael King is the CEO and Founder of KingOne Properties and is the developer of Lake View Commons. He said the strip mall would open once the steakhouse was ready, projected to be in early spring 2024.

King added work on the building would cost eight million dollars, and including the land, totaled $10 million.

“I’ve always tried to concentrate on bringing class and style to our area,” King said. “Every community needs a mix of every dynamic, and I’ve just always liked trying to bring the high end here.”

A Myrtle Beach real estate agent since the 1980s, King said part of the project is bringing the aesthetics of Florida here.

Lake View is partly inspired by the South Florida architecture of Italian architect Addison Mizner, one of the most prominent in the state during the 1920s.

“I like South Florida, and I like what it has to offer, its architectural style, and I thought it would work really well here in Myrtle Beach,” he said. “We have beautiful beaches, wonderful southern hospitality, and still, a very affordable price to get what you get here in our area.”

Another part of the project caters to residents of the Northeast and Florida regions, who have moved to the area in droves in recent years.

Businesses have opened in the Myrtle Beach area to address the growing demand, and King said Lake View Commons will help that effort.

“We’ll have people move from the Northeast and go down to South Florida, and it’s a little too much,” King said. “So they’ll move up in this area, and they’re used to high-end stuff up in the northeast, as well as in the Miami Fort Lauderdale area... They’re desiring the type of things that you find in the Northeast or in South Florida.”

More projects are in the works to fulfill that desire, too.

Another Lake View Commons is coming too, King said. A second 22,000-square-foot building with restaurants and boutique shopping is in the planning stages and should be completed in 2025, he added.

This story was originally published October 9, 2023, 5:00 AM.


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